At Rickenbaugh Volvo Cars, we know you want a popular sports wagon. The Volvo V60 Momentum is a great option. The midsize sports wagon has a unique design and several popular features. The craftsmanship is elegant and durable. From the exterior to the interior, this vehicle showcases luxury. It commands attention, and it is perfect for daily commuting.

Do you want to start a new journey? This vehicle is perfect for adventurous couples and energetic large families. When you are looking for adventure in Denver, CO, you need to be prepared for any road. The signature LED headlights are sleek and functional. When you are driving on isolated roads, these lights will help you reach your destination.

Comfortable seats are a necessity. The cabin has plenty of space for passengers and groceries. The available City Weave textile upholstery is stylish and comfortable. The seating is perfect for commuting and weekend vacations.

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