Some vehicles are simply great, and the new luxury wagon from Volvo is one of them. The V90 is filled with safety features designed to make driving in Denver, CO better and make the salespeople at Rickenbaugh Volvo Cars happy.

Safety and You

Check out the following safety features Volvo is presenting this year:

Hill Assist

Driving uphill is a little scary, especially when your vehicle falls back. This happens because no one can let go of the brakes and immediately press on the accelerator. This system allows you to let go of the brakes but keeps it on for a few moments, so you can press the accelerator without feeling that scary fallback.

Lane Departure

The Lane Departure system is there to help keep you in your lane. Accidents can happen if you drift without noticing, but this system warns you if this is happening with a series of visual and audio alerts.

This is how you stay safer in a vehicle by choosing one that is actively seeking to give you features you actually need, so come and take that test drive you know you want to take.

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