If you're looking for a luxury sedan, the Volvo S90 is a preferred model at Rickenbaugh Volvo Cars. The S90 turns heads in our showroom because it was designed to offer exterior features that enhance stye and convenience.

The S90 features LED headlights that give you enhanced visibility at night. The signature daytime running lights feature Thor's Hammer, which give the exterior a strong and bold appearance. The exterior also features full-LED Active High Beam Illumination technology and Active Bending Lights. Active High Beam Illumination technology can switch from high beam to low beam based on the driving conditions, and Active Bending Lights can rotate up to 30? in the same direction as the steering wheel, which enhances your visibility when you're driving around corners at night.

The standard panoramic moonroof that's featured with the S90 lets in an abundance of natural light and open air. You can set the sunshade to automatically close in hot weather to ensure that you and your passengers stay comfortable.



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