How to Protect Your Car From Salt Corrosion

Here at Rickenbaugh Volvo Cars, we want to help Denver, CO drivers keep their vehicles in good condition. Road salt makes the streets safer when snow and ice set in. While road salt enhances safety, it also promotes corrosion. Here's how you can protect your vehicle from salt corrosion this winter.

Washing your vehicle is one of the best ways to combat corrosion. This will retain the value of your car. If salt remains on your vehicle, it will cause rust and affect your vehicle's mechanics. You can prevent salt damage to your vehicle by having it washed every 10 days, whenever the temperature is higher than 40 degrees, or after you've driven through the snow.

You can prevent rust by keeping your vehicle coated with a protectant, and it's also good to keep the underneath of your vehicle rinsed if you live where there's a lot of salt distributed on the ground.

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