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Rickenbaugh Volvo Google+ Reviews:

- Victoria Baldwin: My car was rear ended and totaled on a Thursday, I test drove a new Volvo on Friday, and I drove of in my new V60 on Saturday. Everyone we met at Rickenbaugh was a pleasure to work with. Bud Stelley in new car sales was knowledgeable and personable. One thing I really appreciated was that he talked to ME, not just my husband, since I was the one buying the car. Ryan in financing was thorough and patient. He was able to answer all our questions and facilitate the loan process through my credit union. Millie was cheerful and attentive, and she set me up with the very best latte you could possibly get at a car dealership. The entire team took great care of us, and I am very happy with my new car!

- Nicole D Gervace: I just had the best experience I've ever had at a dealership! I took my out of warranty car in for a warranty repair. They fixed it under the warranty agreement with smiles and friendliness. And they even did the work earlier than expected. I highly recommend them. I'll definitely return.

- Lisa Slavinski: I have had two experiences with Rickenbaugh Volvo this week. The first was a simple purchase of windshield wipers on Saturday and on Monday for a 67,500 mileage service. I met Walter Barnes on Saturday who called parts and received the wipers for me (saving me an extra trip to the Parts Dept.) and also put the wipers on my car. On Monday, my Volvo S40 had an appointment for its 67,500 service. Walter again, greeted me and introduced me to the technician who would be working on my car. Walter also went out of his way to try and find out from that "other" Volvo dealer in Longmont whether my Volvo had a 60,000 mile service (I purchased the car in July). We never did get a live voice on the phone. My car was taken in on time and actually completed under the estimated time. I was shown to the waiting area (can I move my office to the waiting area? lol) where it was quiet and relaxing. I forgot to add that Walter also tried to fix my second car key of which will need to be replaced at sometime. My final bill was less than what was quoted as the tires did not need to be rotated. All in all a very nice experience. Thank you Walter and Rickenbaugh Volvo. Lisa

- Veronica Harris: My Volvo XC60 was well taken care of. I took in to Rickenbaugh Volvo for the first service. I highly recommend Rickenbaugh Volvo [I also purchased my Volvo from them]. And I think the service advisor Dwight David handled everything professionally and thoroughly. It is a pleasure doing business with Rickenbaugh Volvo.

- Clay Bernard: I bought my volvo s60R about 4 years ago from another dealership. Rickenbaugh is close to my house so I have serviced it there ever since. I have worked with Keith Smerchek from day one and he has always been extremely professional but also just an all around nice guy. Recently I have had a run of bad luck and over the past year I have some extensive problems with my vehicle. I had all of the repairs done at Rickenbaugh and everything has turned out great. Recently my car had some shifting problems and I prayed that my transmission was not going out. Sure enough it was but Keith fought for me and talked to volvo about it and due to my loyalty they provided the parts for no cost. This saved me about $6000.00 in parts! I will never forget this, and I have never had better service anywhere! Thanks Keith and Rickenbaugh!

- Matthew Urkoski: The service folks were terrific. I had an issue on my Volvo car that was borderline manufacture warranty paid for/not paid for, and these guys found a way to get it done and paid for by Volvo. Additionally, I worked with 3 different front desk men (Walter on the phone, Mark/Keith up front), and all three were top notch. I'm a big fan of patronizing businesses that take quality service seriously, and my experience on this occasion makes me happy to be a Volvo owner now and in the future.

- Rachelle Gere: WOW. I unfortunately bought my used Volvo XC90 from Stan's Auto Sales up in Westminster and after finding out that I bought a lemon with multiple issues, I took it to a terrible mechanic that took 25 days to string me along. Eventually I took it to Rickenbaugh (best decision ever). The mechanic who worked on it, Keith, fixed everything in a single day. I am currently getting it worked on again, and this time Keith has had the unfortunate task of having to go through my outside warranty company. Every time I call, Keith is wonderful and I can tell he is doing his job 120%. He not only is a sweetheart, but his hard work shows, which makes me even more grateful, since he knows I am car-less while he has mine! Not only is it nice to see that he truly does care despite having many other customers to deal with, it helps keep the stress associated with being without a car at bay for a bit. I love taking my car here because I always feel like they are doing things as quickly as possible as well as just fixing the problems I ask them to fix. Yes Volvo's are expensive to fix, which is a negative but it is worth it. They will mention things that they noticed needed attention, other than the problems that I came in for but they wont haggle you to fix them. I previously had a Toyota and had the opposite experience which is obnoxious to say the least because of fixing and/or servicing your car will get steep fast. These guys do a great job and I will always suggest them to other people who have Volvos. As long as I live in Denver, they will be the only ones to work on my car! :)

- Irein Lanft: Joe and Norman took exceptional care to provide me an excellent service in a very timely manner. I was traveling out of state and needed help quickly. Thanks guys!

- Randy Meerdink: We recommend Rickenbaugh to everyone who is looking to buy a new or used vehicle. The service dept. isn't bad either. They are a dealership with the friendly family touch

Rickenbaugh Volvo YELP Reviews:
- Khristina D. : First time hare. I was given rude service by another Volvo dealership also on Broadway. This guy was rude and informed me that I must have called the wrong place.  The soonest they could get me in was two weeks. For brakes. In the meantime, my brake lights are out. I called Dwight at Rickenbaugh. He explained they are only open until 1PM today. He checked out all the lights and said he'd get them all done immediately.  Wow.  I told him about my brakes needing done and that I knew it might take some time to get on the schedule.  Dwight said if I could give him until 1 or so he'd get them done. TODAY! I replied TODAY?  "YEAH...ITS A PRETTY EASY THING TO DO!!!!!" ARE YOU KIDDING? Fast...good...friendly....guess who gets my money today. RICKENBAUGH. ...thank you. I have a lot of work to get done and I will be back.

- Tiffany N. : Sir Nicholas and I recently bought an automobile that I like to refer to as "Ephraim's car." That's because whomever has Ephraim gets to drive this car now that he's big enough to have a car seat that sits up and is a pain in the ass to move from one vehicle to the other. Ephraim was also the reason we bought this new car as I have a Mini (fun to drive, hard to insert kid into car seat) and Nick's car is so old it has stone wheels and you peddle with your feet for the gas. Okay, okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift.So, Ephraim's car is a Volvo that we bought from a very nice gentleman named Rick at Rickenbaugh Volvo. (No, it isn't Rick Rickenbaugh either. I asked.) Rick was super helpful - taking us on test drives, telling us about safety features, options, financing rates, any car information we needed really. While you may wonder what kind of inventory a car dealership in Cap Hill (where space is scarce) may have, worry not friends. They have a lot of choices because they have a nearby warehouse and a book full of the cars that are out there. Rick who helped us out with the car looking and buying and then the woman who helped us fill out all the paperwork were both super nice and very helpful. Two important pieces to dealing with folks selling you a car. They also have a selection of used cars and carry Cadillacs as well if you are looking for either of those. Since our Volvo has a few years of free maintenance I'm sure we'll be back in for that at least. And based on all the great reviews for service on a Volvo here it'll be just as good of an experience. As for the Volvo itself, the way the engine purrs is the cat's meow.

- Adam H. :Just relocated to Denver and needed to get my Volvo C30 serviced. These guys are top notch -- excellent service department. They were professional, communicated well, the courtesy driver is the nicest person I've ever met, and they took care of my vehicle well within the time they quoted. Based on my experience with Volvo and now this service center, I will definitely be purchasing my next vehicle from Rickenbaugh. Thanks guys!

- Erin H. : I brought my Volvo XC90 in for a non-warranty service and Walter was  great to let me know what was wrong right away and have it scheduled for a new fuel pump repair. I would not go anywhere else for service.  Rickenbaugh takes great care of cars and people.

- Veronica H. : My Volvo XC60 was well taken care of. I took in to Rickenbaugh Volvo for the first service. [I bought my Volvo from them]. I highly recommend Rickenbaugh Volvo service department.  And I think the service advisor Dwight David handled everything professionally and thoroughly. It is a pleasure doing business with Rickenbaugh Volvo.

Rickenbaugh Volvo DealerRater Reviews:
- hozer1: "Great service. Took my car in and they had it repaired..." "Great service. Took my car in and they had it repaired in the time they daid, for the price they qouted, and it was washed. WOW, great place to go and have your Volvo repaired/."

- AlysonTallman: "After getting the run-around several times from Volvo..." "After getting the run-around several times from Volvo costumer care 1-800 numbers, I was fed up. I decided to take my car into Rickenbaugh to see if anyone was willing to listen and help me. Keith Smerchek, part of the service department at Rickenbaugh, greeted me with a warm hello, and I immediately felt like I was going to (at least) get an answer for my problem. Not only was Keith friendly and helpful, but I felt he genuinely cared about the issue I was having. He could tell I was a bit deterred at this point, spending countless days trying to find anyone who cared enough to at least point me in the right direction. He went above and beyond. Never have I encountered such great costumer service from any service department regarding any car I have ever owned. He told me what needed to be done, and what I could do to achieve this. He kept in contact with me throughout the day as he inspected my issue. What I thought might be a week+ long process, turned into a short days work. Keith Smerchek accommodated me in every way possible, and kept me informed and made sure I had a clear understanding of the situation. After almost six months of trying to resolve this issue, Keith Smerchek took care of me in half a days work. I am so thankful for him, and his service he provided to me. I will be referring my friends and family to him, since we are all Volvo-lovers. Rickenbaugh is the only place I will take my car into now. The whole staff was amazing and comforting. I am thankful I made the choice to stop in because now I have a place I can trust with my beloved car, anxiety-free. Overall, the whole experience was amazing. I don't usually take time out of my busy schedule to write reviews, however, Keith Smerchek earned it, and anyone who reads this, I highly recommend talking to Keith about any service department issues you may have. All in all, great experience. Rickenbaugh has a loyal costumer from this point on. Never been so satisfied with the treatment I received. Also, the courtesy shuttle driver to took me home while the problem was being resolved was amazing as well. I wish I could remember his name. If you come to Rickenbaugh, I can assure you, you will be more than pleased with the service you were provided with."

- karenp: "Terrific Sales Expereince!" "Anthony took very good care of me when I needed to replace a car that was totaled in an accident. He sold me a pre-owns vehicle that met my needs and stood behind the sale, even fixing a service issue 45 day after the sale. You can trust the folks at Rickenbaugh to do what they promise - GREAT SALES EXPERIENCE!!"

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